"Highways of Blue"

Welcome to "Highways of Blue," the second album to inspire driving dreams on Adventure Road.

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Every song on "Highways of Blue" evokes the emotions of the open road — sometimes dreamy, sometimes rockin' — but always cruising with the top down and the wind in your hair.

If you look at all the song titles, you’ll get a feel for the frame of mind they might put you in as you’re driving or even boating on one of the Highways of Blue.– Don Juntunen

Featuring an eclectic collection of worldwide hit tunes from the last 50 years, each track was reimagined through the virtuoso hands of Don Juntunen, whose original compositions made up the first album. Experience a sneak peek of “Highways of Blue” through the videos on this page.

I hope this music will in some way inspire people to get out and experience some of the familiar destinations as well as some of the roads less traveled along Adventure Road.– Don Juntunen

  1. "Sweet Dreams"
  2. "The Air That I Breathe"
  3. "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere"
  4. "Dream Weaver"
  5. "The Wayward Wind"
  6. "Blue Bayou"
  7. "A Matter of Trust"
  8. "Neon Moon"
  9. "Sleep Walk"
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