In Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History’s “Explore Evolution” exhibit, explore the evolution of life and learn all about Earth's organisms, from rapidly evolving viruses to whales that walked!

Seven interpretive areas will spotlight cutting-edge research and illustrate how evolutionary principles are at work in different organisms:

“HIV: Tracking an Evolving Target” explores how scientists study the mutation and evolution of HIV in order to develop treatments that can block it.
“Diatoms: A Species Is Born” looks at the most rapid evolution of any species in the fossil record: a one-celled diatom from Yellowstone Lake that evolved over a relatively brief 4,000-year period.
“Ants and Fungus, Coevolving Partners” follows research into the coevolution of leaf-cutter ants and the fungus they farm.
“Fly, Evolution of Mating Songs and Dances” shows how a researcher in Hawaii has found more than 800 species of fruit fly that evolved from a single species over millions of years.
“Finch, Evolution in Action” takes a look at modern research into Charles Darwin's Galapagos finches to examine how changes in the size and shape of their bills can occur quickly in response to dramatic changes in the environment.
“Human Family Ties” illustrates recent genetic research that shows how the DNA of chimpanzees and humans differs by only 2 percent of their genetic makeup.
“Whales, Walking Into the Past” shows fossil discoveries in Pakistan that illustrate the evolution of modern whales from ancient four-footed land mammals.

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