Magic Lantern Celebration

at Paseo Arts District

The Magic Lantern Celebration has been part of the Oklahoma City community for 17 years, bringing children, parents, artists and performers together on the Paseo Arts District’s colorful streets for a celebration of the fall season. This is a perfect opportunity for your little ones to hone their creative sparks!

This event is inspired by the verse, ‘We are all Magic Lanterns, lit by the light of imagination’. It is designed to bring children into the wonder of their imagination, to set aflame their creative minds.  In this unique setting, children are welcome to participate in hands-on, multi-layered arts activities where they can build paper costumes from head to foot, make lanterns and parade in a Jack O’ Lantern painted on the street.

Children of all ages should wear their everyday clothing to Paseo and be ready for surprises. Discovering and doing are the delightfully magical ingredients of this event. Children and their parents can walk from studio to studio where unusual possibilities await them. They will find all kinds of paper to be folded, crumpled, ruffled and embellished into wearable art. Costumes are made using simple construction techniques, and the paper pieces can be worn over clothing.

Each studio provides children opportunities for exploration. Hats desire to be designed from collage materials and recycled bits of fancy. Lanterns will dance in light. Pumpkin Portraits appear out of natural materials. This is an opportunity for parents to share in the problem solving of their children’s constructions. Helping hands and brainstorming are an important part of this creative process. Parental assistance is welcome and necessary depending on the age and needs of each participating child.

Children must also visit a Wish Finder; here each makes a wish to be shared in the Pumpkin Costume Parade during the final celebration of Magic Lantern. After costumes have been made, all characters and their parents are asked to gather for the parade in a Jack ’O Lantern Labyrinth painted on the street. The spectacle begins as Steve McLinn, Ojas Music, plays his original music. Following the dancers of StarDanceSwan, children spin upon a spiraling path where wishes float like bubbles.

All costume making activities start at 3:00 and end at 5:45 pm. The Pumpkin Costume Parade is from 5:45 to 6:15 pm.

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